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Quality………. is our Promise

Fire Enforcement Boat

Important Reasons to Consider KenCraft Boats
  • Our KenCraft lineup of boats features sharp deadrise entries at the bow as well as the stern to give the customer a comfortable ride in any type of sea. The well proven Carolina Flared hulls deflect the spray away from the boat while underway to keep you dry. Forward seating and rear seating is standard on most models.
  • Our BayRider line offers a best in class ride with our Bay Boat and Flat Bottom lines. Our Flat Bottom is built different than any competitor as we have 4 stringers per hull along with 3 ribs on the bottom. This translates into a better riding Flat Bottom that will turn like a V bottom boat with no sliding. Our Bay Boat line features everything you need for inshore and near shore fishing along with an incredible smooth and dry ride in most any condition. Go ride in one of these boats to experience this for yourself.
  • We use Ashland Gel Coats and AOC Resins which are the premier brands in their field and used by most Top Tier builders. We use Owens Corning fiberglass exclusively in our hulls, and our bonding putty is Poly-Bond B39.
  • All of our metalwork is the highest grade Anodized aluminum available today. More importantly, we fabricate all of our T Tops and leaning posts and any other metal parts in house with a staff that has been building these structures for over 20 years. Check out our large 2 inch diameter pipes on our Tops that most builders will not use due to cost.
  • KenCraft boats carry a 10 year structural hull warranty that is transferrable. We back what we build.
  • Below the floor where you cannot see, lies the most important feature of our boats. Each hull has its own unique composite stringer grid system that is built in house with our own proprietary molding system. Our stringers are massive and overbuilt with widths that are larger than any other builder’s hull manufactured today and are injected with waterproof foam for added floatation. Our transoms are constructed using composite Penske® board and our bulkheads are upwards of 3-4 inches thick using composite material. We are truly a NO WOOD NO ROT constructed hull. You can enjoy your boat for many years to come with no worries about safety due to substandard materials. Take a look at what lies beneath the floor of a KenCraft on our website and then ask the competitor to show you their stringer construction.
  • Accon Marine Pop-Up® and Pull-Up 316 Stainless Cleats are standard equipment on all our boats. Accon invented the pop up concept and many have copied them but none can equal their quality and they carry a lifetime warranty. All of our hinges are 316 Stainless, and all fasteners on the boat are 316 Stainless as well. Stainless rod holders and cup holders are standard.
  • Each boat has its own unique wiring harness and switch panels made by the industry leader for marine electrical systems. All connections are heat shrink sealed for long term sustainability in the harsh marine environment. Wiring is supported and neatly routed and labeled for ease of use. Look inside our consoles at our wiring and compare with the competition.
  • Below the waterline lies another of our most important features. We ONLY use Bronze thru hulls below the waterline on all of our boats. Each thru hull has a ball valve shut off with double clamped hose connections. Safety is our focus. Many boats have sunk because manufacturers do not follow ABYC recommendations for this important feature. Check the other builders to see if they are rigging their boats this way. It costs more for Bronze thru hulls and ball valves with double hose clamps, but your safety should not be sacrificed at any cost.

Enforcement Boats

Quality is our Promise

KenCraft boats are built to exceed the industry standard for top tier constructed boats. That fact has not been lost on the commercial customer and that is evidenced by the current pictures of recent builds at our factory. We are a preferred OEM builder for the State of North Carolina Wildlife Enforcement Division. We build the Bay Rider flat bottoms for their officers to patrol all of the waters of North Carolina. We are also building our Bay Rider Bay Boats and Center Consoles for these same officers as well. The Wildlife officers know they can count on their KenCraft boats to take the punishment of daily commercial use for many years to come yet still operate safely and securely just like the day it was first delivered.

We also have built quite a few Fire and Rescue Boats for counties throughout North Carolina. They count on our construction and hull design to make their job easier and safe, no matter the emergency.


Build Your Boat

Our facility consists of over 52,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space that occupies 5 acres of land. Come take a tour of our plant and see how we build our boats to last you a lifetime.

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