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Maryland is home to a wonderful array of freshwater lakes and rivers, allowing for its citizens to partake in watersports, fishing, cruising, and more. If you are looking to buy a boat to further enjoy the aquatic lifestyle that Maryland has to offer, then make your way down to Intrinsic Yacht & Ship to check out their amazing deals on KenCraft boats. 

Making the Boat

When creating a custom rig at KenCraft, we give you the opportunity to piece together your ideal boat. You can choose between a variety of boat brands, including the Kencraft series, Bayrider Flatbottoms, Bayrider Bays, and more. Once you’ve selected your brand of boat, we allow you to select a model of that brand, which then allows you to customize your motor, color scheme, and extra accessories. Once you’ve created the boat of your dreams, you can head on up to Intrinsic Yacht & Ship and pick up your custom boat. Not everybody has to create their custom set up.


Intrinsic Yacht & Ship
7076 Bembe Beach Rd
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Annapolis, MD 21403


Intrinsic Yacht & Ship
12734 Sunset Avenue
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Using Your KenCraft Boat in Maryland

Maryland is home to some of the best freshwater bodies of water in the United States. Whether you want to enjoy a weekend at the lake or a day trip down the river, the abundance of opportunities for you to use your KenCraft boat are phenomenal. Deep Creek Lake is one of the most sought out destinations in Maryland, providing families with vacation getaways and memories that will last a lifetime. Deep Creek Lake is the perfect place to bring your custom KenCraft rig, as the open waters allow for water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, fishing, and more.

Any of the KenCraft models will suit this lake well, as you can master the waters with a custom Challenger, Skiff, or Bay. Other activities you can do at Deep Creek Lake include camping, skiing, golf, kayaking, and more. Maryland offers many other fantastic lakes too, including Lake Habeeb, Lake Centennial, Jennings Randolph Lake, and much more. Overall, the state is filled with scenic Lakes that provide citizens with an opportunity to enjoy the water from whatever city they may live in.

When it comes to rivers, Maryland is home to some of the most historically significant rivers in the United States, including the Potomac, the Susquehanna, the Anacostia, and the Nanticoke. Boaters have the opportunity to travel along these rivers, exploring and participating with the vast wildlife and beautiful natural landscapes. Taking your custom KenCraft boat down any of these rivers would provide you with an adventurous opportunity that you would never forget.

Overall, creating your own custom rig is going to allow you to maximize the features that you’re looking for in a boat, which will allow you to take advantage of the plentiful bodies of water that Maryland has to offer.

Build Your Boat

Our facility consists of over 52,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space that occupies 5 acres of land. Come take a tour of our plant and see how we build our boats to last you a lifetime.

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