New Jersey

New Jersey is an excellent destination to go boating for a relaxing outing with your friends and family. There’s something special about being out on the water— fishing, cruising, swimming, dining, water sports, and more. Spending summers on the water and all that New Jersey has to offer is a way of life for visitors and residents alike!

When creating a custom rig at KenCraft, we give you the opportunity to piece together your ideal boat. You can choose between a variety of boat brands, including the Challenger series, Bayrider Flatbottoms, Bayrider Bays, and more. Once you’ve selected your brand of boat, we allow you to select a model of that brand, which then allows you to customize your motor, color scheme, and extra accessories.

Our New Jersey Dealers

Whether you want to take advantage of New Jersey’s national parks, many lakes, or gorgeous rivers, the best way to enjoy nature’s many offerings is with a custom KenCraft boat from Sheltered Cove Marina.

Located in Tucker, NJ, Sheltered Cove Marina is New Jersey’s #1 marina, offering a wide range of services and amazing customer service. As a family-owned and operated business, Sheltered Cover Marina is dedicated to making your family’s boating needs pleasant and worry-free!

Once you’ve created the boat of your dreams, you can head on down to Essex Marine Group and pick up your custom boat. Not everybody has to create their custom set up. Sheltered Cove Marina can sell you a variety of pre-made KenCraft boats if you aren’t looking to create your own.


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Using Your KenCraft Boat in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to a wide variety of rivers and lakes that are perfect for any nature lover’s destination. With waterways such as the Delaware River, Cohansey River, Toms River, and the Musconetcong River, the state is filled to the brim with picturesque rivers that you can explore on a KenCraft boat. For a more docile boating experience, a Bay Rider Bay or a Bay Rider Skiff will provide you with the best experience on the river. Perfect for cruising and enjoying the calm waters, Bay Riders provide users with a smooth, swift, and comfortable boating experience.

If you are looking for a larger scene than a river, New Jersey also offers a few delightful lake destinations. From Lake Hopatcong to Greenwood Lake to the Delaware Bay, these charming lakes provide numerous activities for the whole family. Lake Hopatcong is located within the Hopatcong National Park and is the largest freshwater body in New Jersey. The lake even has bars and restaurants that are accessible by boat. Not only can you dock your KenCraft custom rig at a restaurant on the lake, but you can also go fishing for the most extensive variety of game fish in the entire state.

When it comes to Greenwood Lake, you can enjoy a nice day on the water, with several marinas and restaurants available for use. The Delaware Bay is the second busiest channel after the Mississippi River, which means that you can take your KenCraft custom rig out on the waters, however, with the Delaware Bay we recommend you have a boat capable of withstanding the Bay’s strong currents. All of KenCrafts boats can handle a wicked current, but a Challenger would allow you to master the Bay the most.

Overall, creating your own custom rig is going to allow you to maximize the features that you’re looking for in a boat, which will enable you to take advantage of lakes and rivers that New Jersey has to offer.

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