If you find yourself searching for an affordable and reliable boat in the Connecticut area look no further. KenCraft is proud to partner with Essex Marine Group, a boat and yacht sales company that will hook you up with a custom KenCraft boat today so you can continue enjoying all of the lakes and rivers that Connecticut has to offer.

When creating a custom rig at KenCraft, we give you the opportunity to piece together your ideal boat. You can choose between a variety of boat formats, including the Kencraft series, Bayrider Flatbottoms, Bayrider Bays, and more. Once you’ve selected your boat’s base, we allow you to select a model of that brand, which then allows you to customize your motor, color scheme, and extra accessories to make your creation truly one-of-a-kind.

Once you’ve created the boat of your dreams, you can head on down to Essex Marine Group and talk to the fine folks there about purchasing your custom boat. If customization isn’t your style, Essex Marine Group can also show you a variety of pre-made KenCraft boats to fit your requirements and tastes.

Our Connecticut Dealers

Essex Marine Group is located right on the water in the heart of the marine district. Their experienced team can help you make the right decision when it comes to buying your KenCraft boat.


Essex Marine Group
37 Pratt Street
Essex, Ct 06426


Using Your KenCraft Boat in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to numerous lakes that you can take the family on with your custom KenCraft boat. Some of our most popular lakes include Candlewood, Bolton, Gaillard, Bantam, Waramug, and Mansfield Hollow. All of these lakes are perfect destinations to take your new boat out for a spin. Maybe you want to relax on the water with a beer in your hand, or perhaps you want to spend a beautiful summer day fishing with your closest friends. Whatever the occasion may be, the feeling of cruising on a scenic Connecticut lake is unmatched.

Lakes are always an amusing place to take the family, but if you are looking for a similar scene with a different feel, then you should take your KenCraft custom rig down some of Connecticut’s most beautiful rivers. Connecticut is home to the longest river in New England, the Connecticut River, along with other rivers, such as the Farmington River, Housatonic River, Quinnipiac River, and many more. In fact, the busiest section of the Connecticut River falls at the mouth, which can be found in Essex, the convenient location of our dealer, Essex Marine Group.

If you are looking to take advantage of the enormous size of the Connecticut River and abundance of aquatic life, a strong recommendation for you would be a custom Bayrider Skiff. These boats are perfect for a leisurely fishing outing, capable of storing 71 quarts of fish boxes and a live well capacity of 15 gallons. Some of the fish you can find out on the river include trout, bass, sturgeon, flounder, herring, eels, and salmon. Needless to say, the diversity of fish species in this river could leave you fishing for years on end with no discontent.

Overall, creating your own custom rig is going to allow you to maximize the features that you’re looking for in a boat, which will enable you to take advantage of the beautiful lakes and rivers in Connecticut.

Build Your Boat

Our facility consists of over 52,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space that occupies 5 acres of land. Come take a tour of our plant and see how we build our boats to last you a lifetime.

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